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What would it be worth to you, if you would be able to resolve all negative emotions in a fraction of a second? What if you could overcome any mental obstacle to reaching your goals and realizing your dreams? What if you could change beliefs and behaviour effortlessly?

Guess what: You already can! It’s just an unconscious capability. We call it Silent Hands®. You have the ability to change your life literally in your own hands. We unconsciously use our hands to resolve our emotions. This is the amazing discovery Roger Gielen made in 2006. Resolving our emotions turns out to be the key to solving our problems and enjoying our lives.

Our dream is that every person on this globe becomes aware of his or her unique Silent Hands movement, in order to use this movement consciously to live happier lives. This website aims to be the center of a community where we share experiences and learnings, so that we can enhance applicability of Silent Hands.

The first and most important thing we like to share is the Silent Hands Discovery Protocol, so that you can discover your own Silent Hands. Just register and get access to your free package with Discovery Protocol video's, Getting Started manual and Newsletter subscription.

Experiment and enjoy!

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This is something all professional and amateur golf players should use

Ralph Miller - Golf Pro

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Happiness is in your own hands

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